Warrior Anabolics Test Cyp 200mg




Warrior Anabolics Test Cyp 200mg

Buy Warrior Anabolics Test Cyp 200mg online. Testosterone Cypionate (also sold as Testo-C and Depo-testosterone) is an injectable anabolic steroid that is injected directly into the muscle tissues of the user. It has tremendous benefits for building muscle as it boosts up the user’s testosterone levels helping them in gaining muscle much more effectively than they normally would.

Testo-C is taken by injecting it directly into the muscle tissues of the user. As for the dosage, it completely depends on the user. Unlike most steroids, Testo-C is also prescribed to children. But to give a general idea, adults need to take about 50 to 400 mg of this medication every 2-4 weeks.



Similar to any other steroid, Testo-C must be taken with caution. Unless prescribed by a certified professional, it is recommended that you do not consider taking this drug as it may lead to severe side effects. People with heart problems, liver problems, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or any type of cancer should avoid this product at all costs.

Side effects

If taken with prescribed instructions, users are unlikely to face any side effects. However, it is worth noting that users may notice acne development, gynecomastia, mood swings, or pain/swelling on the injection site with this medication.


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