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Buy A-PHP Crystals online. A-PHP is a synthetic stimulant of the cathinone class developed in the late 1960s. Also known as Alpha-PHP this cathinone has been very popular in the research chemical community due to its various ways of testing and studying.

Chemical Properties of A-PHP

Its structure is comprised of hexanal bound to a phenyl ring this is a position 1 it then also has the nitrogen of a pyrrolidine ring at the 2nd position.

It is structurally related to a-PVP but is the longer chain homolog of it, It possesses an additional carbon on the alkyl side chain.





IUPAC – (RS)-1-Phenyl-2-(pyrrolidin-1-yl)hexan-1-one
CAS Number – 13415-59-3
Molecular Formula – C16H23NO
Molar Mass – 245.366 g.mol-1


A-PHP has not had studies done on it but we know there are some effects if you come in contact with it – usually, these are increased heart rate, stimulation, sweating more than usual, dehydration These effects will only be present when it comes into contact with your skin. We recommend being cautious whilst preparing any studies of A-PHP, like using gloves, masks, Overalls whilst handling this chemical.


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