Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Off The Chain® 30 Servings supplement

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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Off The Chain® 30 Servings supplement

Buy Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Off The Chain® 30 Servings supplement online. Amino Acids are essential for the synthesis of Proteins, Enzymes, Hormones, Neurotransmitters, Metabolic pathways, Mental stabilization, and more.

What Is Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Off The Chain?

Off The Chain is an Amino Acid supplement that contains rapid-release low doses of Stimulants and Caffeine. It contains not just BCAA’s, but 13 other Essential Amino Acids as well. Off The Chain does so by stimulating different mechanisms in the Brain. Off The Chain can improve overall health in addition to improving muscle growth and helping with recovery.

Off The Chain, kick starts Protein synthesis, which is crucial to muscle growth. Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals has also added in L-Citrulline to give you pumps and added Vascularity during your workout. L-Citrulline is the most abundant Amino-Acid in the Body and is stored and synthesized within the Skeletal Muscle. When an athlete is under Metabolic stress, like a heavy training exercise, the body can use up its natural stores of Glutamine. Glutamine then becomes an Essential Amino Acid that needs to be supplemented into the diet. Off The Chain will ensure you’re receiving enough Glutamine and Amino Acids you need to keep your performance top-notch. Order yours online today!

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Off The Chain Benefits & Results

  • Enhances Focus, Mood & Stamina
  • Possesses Anti-Catabolic & Anti-Cortisol Effects
  • Fights Fatigue & Stress
  • Essential Amino Acids Including BCAA’s
  • Supports Recovery Before, During & After Exercise
  • Powerful Energizers & Antioxidant Support
  • Supports Nitric Oxide Synthesis
  • Kicks In Quickly
  • Long-Lasting, No-Crash Stimulant Feeling


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