Mephedrene HCL

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Mephedrene HCL

Buy Mephedrene HCL  online USA & Europe. Mephedrene, a new member of the cathinone family of research chemicals. This is a research chemical with stimulating properties closely related in structure to Methiopropamine (MPA) (5-mmpa) and 4-FA. It is an analog of mephedrone (4MMC), sharing many of the same chemical properties, and is similar to compounds found in the flowering plant Khat, which has a history of use in Eastern Africa analogous to cocoa leaf use in South America and Betel Nut usage in South East Asia. Mephedrene is expected to be legalized across Europe except for in Germany and the UK. Shipping to Ireland is likely to be made available shortly.

Mephedrene chemical properties

Chemical Formula: C11H15N0CL1

Molar Mass: 213.70

Because Mephedrene is such a new substance, there is currently little information pertaining to its chemical properties. What we do know is that it is quite dissimilar to most psychoactive phenethylamines; it contains a bridging peroxide group between two opposite carbons of a cyclohexene ring and has no nitrogen atom.

What are the effects and possible warnings of Mephedrene?

Once again, due to lack of testing and user reports there is little to no information available in regards to the safety profile of Mephedrene. For this reason, we must look to its closest analog Mephedrone (4MMC) to get an idea of what type of side effects it may produce.

-Heart Palpitations: One of the more dangerous 4mmc effects is heart palpitations, especially when taken at higher doses.

-Addiction: Many recreational stimulants exhibit a high addiction profile and Mephedrene should be approached with the same level of caution.

-Teeth Grinding: Teeth grinding is a common physiological response to stimulants. This can cause sore jaw muscles as well as teeth damage and decay.

-Seizures: There have been cases of recreational stimulants leading to seizures in some users. This typically happens at higher doses, but adverse reactions at common doses have also been noted.

-Delusions: Chronic stimulant abuse can lead to delusional and paranoid thinking. While these issues normally subside upon discontinuing usage, it can be problematic and can lead to psychotic episodes in some users.

Note: As of now, little research has been done on the effects of Mephedrene in humans, but it can be assumed to have effects similar to those of other compounds in the stimulant class of chemicals, including heightened energy levels, excitability, focus, and euphoria. Mephedrene is not approved for human consumption, it’s foreseen only for laboratory usage with proper laboratory equipment including eye protection and gloves.


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